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Bee Line is the world’s first and finest Hemp Wick made from 100% Certified Organic Hemp in Eastern Europe.  We have pioneered an industry that prides itself on finding a more natural way to smoke and we guarantee that you will love the way Bee Line Hemp Wick smells, tastes and performs!  Crafted from 100% organic products, we have the only Certified Global Organic approved Hemp Wick in the world!

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Butane Sucks


This is definitely not something you want to breathe in


Inhalation of butane can cause euphoria, drowsiness, narcosis, asphyxia, cardiac arrhythmia, fluctuations in blood pressure, temporary memory loss and frostbite.  One of its other great traits is that it can kill you as a result from asphyxiation and ventricular fibrillation (basically, your inability to breathe in).  In the United Kingdom, butane is the most commonly misused volatile substance and based on reports, was the cause of 52% of all "solvent related" deaths back in 2000.  By spraying butane directly into the throat, the jet of fluid can cool rapidly to −4 °F (−20 °C) by expansion, causing prolonged laryngospasm (your inability to breathe in). "Sudden sniffer's death" syndrome is the most common single cause of "solvent related" death, resulting in 55% of known fatal cases (apparently there are groups of morons that try and get a high off of butane, which results in death).

"By spraying butane directly into the throat, the jet of fluid can cool rapidly to −20 °C by expansion, causing prolonged laryngospasm (your inability to breathe in). "

- Hum Toxicol

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Make Butane Useful

We get it, here we are proclaiming butane as a terrible substance that can kill you and then showing you pictures of lighters (filled with butane) wrapped in our 100% Organic Hemp Wick.  Talk about hypocrisy!   But really, what other option for a readily available flame is out there?  Although butane is some nasty stuff, it does serve a useful purpose when paired together with a spark; fire.  So we invented a product that harnesses the usefulness of butane and turned it into a glowing ember of organic goodness we call Bee Line Hemp Wick!  


The process is simple.  Strike your lighter as you normally do, but before touching your flame to anything you want to smoke, transfer that fire to your Bee Line Hemp Wick.  The perfect mixture of hemp and beeswax will ignite immediately providing you with a completely organic and healthy flame.  We keep Bee Line wrapped around every one of our lighters.  Not only does it provide us with an incredibly useful tool, but it prolongs the life of our lighter 100 times over.

We didn’t invent fire, we just found a more natural way to smoke with it.
— Bee Line Hemp Wick

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