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320 SW Century Dr. Ste 405-173
Bend, OR 97702

Bee Line is the world’s first and finest Hemp Wick made from 100% Certified Organic Hemp in Eastern Europe.  We have pioneered an industry that prides itself on finding a more natural way to smoke and we guarantee that you will love the way Bee Line Hemp Wick smells, tastes and performs!  Crafted from 100% organic products, we have the only Certified Global Organic approved Hemp Wick in the world!

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We will ship all orders within one business day of order placement (unless it is the weekend, because then we are out having fun!)  Orders received before 12:00 noon EST (Eastern Standard Time) will be shipped the same day. Those that are received after 12:00 noon EST will be shipped the following business day. We use the US Postal 1st Class Service for our standard shipping on small packages (under 13 lbs) and US Postal Service Priority Mail for the bigger ones (13 lbs or more), and it usually takes about 5 business days for an order to reach you. Holiday seasons or large orders may take longer (total bummer).  

Although you live in two of the coolest places on Earth, you are a lot farther away than most places in the contiguous US (thanks Captain Obvious).  This means two things:  1. It is going to take a bit longer (not more than a week) to get your package and 2. It is going to cost a bit more.


As most of you know Bee Line's birthplace and headquarters are in Napili Maui, but paradise does not offer the fastest and cheapest shipping to our beloved customers. So we have recently relocated our shipping department to the lovely Bend OR. This means that if you live on the West Coast you can expect to see your package a littlefaster than if you live on the East Coast.  And everyone will be seeing their package faster than when it was coming from Hawaii.  We assured that every box will still be sent with aloha. We have the stoniest dude on the planet packing our boxes: Tumalo Pops!