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Bee Line is the world’s first and finest Hemp Wick made from 100% Certified Organic Hemp in Eastern Europe.  We have pioneered an industry that prides itself on finding a more natural way to smoke and we guarantee that you will love the way Bee Line Hemp Wick smells, tastes and performs!  Crafted from 100% organic products, we have the only Certified Global Organic approved Hemp Wick in the world!

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I just received my Wickit Wand and couldn't wait to try it out.  I filled my pipe and fired up the hemp wick.  The device worked even better than I had hoped.  I couldn't be more pleased.  Anyone who is serious about using hemp wick needs a Wickit Wand.  I should also mention that I tried two other brands of hemp wick and yours is definitely the BEST.  I'll be a loyal Beeline customer from here on out.
- Dennis

This is my second time buying your product and I would just like to say that I love it! I gave some to a few friends and they kept coming back to get more from me, they all said they loved it as well. You can really taste the difference. Thanks for the amazing product!
- Garrett

Hello, I just wanted to let you know that I received my order today, and I noticed I was given some free stickers and sample packs along with a hand written message. This was my first time purchasing your products and the extra stuff really made my day, I will definitely be purchasing again in the future. Thanks so much for the love :) it is much appreciated.

- Joseph


I love bee line. My local dispensary gave me a few samples, I wasn't sure what it was, so i asked, they explained. as soon as i got home, I had to try it. I love it. No more burnt throat. Thanks for this fine product!
- Renae 

Thanks for the prompt response and for the coup code, I look forward to receiving my recently placed order. Much appreciated. Oh and also I wanted to say thank you for creating this wonderful product, it is genius and extremely useful. I hope one day we can grow hemp locally.

- Denver 


Ordered some a ball of Hemp Wick from Beeline and it showed up FAST. The raw smell of the wick ball reminds me of an old general store, and is aromatherapy and nostalgia all wrapped up in one :) And like others have stated, the taste is so much better with the hemp wick than lighter. Nice product, affordable and health conscious, keep up the good work!
- Jason H.


I absolutely LOVE this hemp wick. It works great and I feel it actually gets me more smoke! Online ordering experience was great, with helpful customer service. And when I got my package, I got a free pack of wick and awesome pictures of cannabis art. Great stuff and I recommend it to everyone I know!
— Lizz

Just wanted to say that you guys make a killer product! Just got my shipment of Bee Line from you guys and tried it for the first time today. Smoking tastes so much better, and I dig the natural method! Hawaii dreaming from Atlanta.
- Sean 


Me and my boyfriend michael just ordered your hemp wick.. I loved the vibe when I opened the box, your team made me genuinely laugh.. I love what you guys are doing, this is where I will get my hemp from now on. Thank you! Bee Line forever :)
— Lauren

- Liz 


I just want to say that Bee Line has changed my life. I LOVE the thick wick. I have been suggesting Bee Line to everyone I know! I received some Bee Line from a good friend of mine, and I haven't been able to put it down! I can't believe the difference it makes in taste and quality, it's AMAZING! Keep the great products coming!
- Erica D.

I’ve had I-tal hemp wick, I’ve had Hempwick brand (made by hippies) I’ve had Humboldt hemp wick, I’ve tried RAW hemp wick, I’ve tried Wicked Wick of the West (Seattle local company) ... Today I’ve just gotten my 200 ft. of Bee Line Hemp Wick (thick wick). Right off the bat this is the BEST looking hemp wick I’ve ever seen. It’s dark and the smell is incredible. This stuff burns SO MUCH BETTER than anything else I’ve tried. Even in windy conditions and with a fan pointed right at me it stayed lit. The smoke after you snuff it out even smells nice. All in all, holy crow you guys have knocked it outta the park with this Beeline stuff. I will ONLY be purchasing Bee Line from here on out and I encourage everyone else to do the same. Anywho, thank you for holding yourselves to a higher standard than the rest. Your product is awesome! Mahalo!
— Nic U.

Love the smooth taste it brings back to the herb…Thanks Bee Line :)
- Lee’s 420 Show


I really appreciate the beeline, it's the best. It sure beats the hell outta lighter fluid & match sulfur. Thanks Again! 
- Michael


I love Beeline so much it has been a life changer for me, I only wish I had known about it sooner. Your product has changed the way I smoke, and I will use it as long as I live.
— Elena

I just wanted to say your product has changed smoking for me ever since I purchased it my first time. Bong tokes with a lighter will never do justice. Thanks! 
- Dylan F.


BEE LINE is the best, thanks for saving my lungs from the butane. Love to support good companies like yours! 
- Gavin F.


Thanks. You guys rock! Keep it up. Haven't smoked with butane for more than a year.
- Nick


I love Beeline so much it has been a life changer for me, I only wish I had known about it sooner. Your product has changed the way I smoke, and I will use it as long as I live.
- Elena


Love it for my camp stove, it just fits. My sister uses it to light candles for her banquet business. All my buddies love it out here is Colorado. Best of luck.  You have my support fully!
- Jon G.


I'd just like to say that I love this bee line hemp wick. I've shown my friend the benefits to using an organic wick versus a lighter. He agreed the Beeline wick was way better and stated that he would purchase some in the future. Thanks for improving my lighting experience!
- Braden 

I love you guys product and the fact that your very conscious, you’re not alone :) 
- KC


THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! The package just arrived today! Thank you for the spool, awesome hat, portable wicks, and stickers! You guys are the BEST! I appreciate your thoughtfulness, and excellent customer service! Thank you for making such great products for the most enjoyable smoking experience! I hope you all enjoy the rest of your week! Take care! Thanks again!
- Ben


Really really really really happy with this product! I got a sample from a local head shop and after trying (and loving) this product, I decided I needed to buy a whole spool! I am very impressed and happy with this product! Keep up the good work Bee Line!!

- John Y.


Just wanted to say thank you so much! I got my order in about 3 days plus there was an extra pack inside! I also like the information sheet that was with it because some of my friends don't understand why I like hemp wicks so much. I am very pleased with everything and I will definitely be ordering from here again! :) 
- Stephanie S 


LOVE BEELINE!! We are located in Michigan and we have our own Medical Marijuana business. We are promoting beeline left and right to people. Actually buying BIC lighters and twisting the hemp wicks around the lighters. EVERYBODY buys them and everybody loves them!!! :) Thank you so much!!! 
- Michigan Head Shop 


I have heard so many good things about you guys and recently I was lucky enough to obtain a sample of Bee Line from a generous budtender at a collective in my area. Let me say that Bee Line has made the taste of my medication that much better. I feel like I'm getting a more earthy, pure smoke using Bee Line as opposed to a butane lighter...I love what you guys are doing, there are no two ways about it. You have a fan for life :)
- Sean


I seriously love your company and the commitment to the highest quality products. I have tried SEVERAL hemp wicks and none compare to the taste, consistency, and quality of your wick. I have definitely felt the benefits that bee products have to offer and my throat is no longer hoarse!!! I love to spread the word about you guys! 
- Molly


Thanks Brothers and Sisters, Love what you do! Love the product! Bee Line forever! 
- Travis W.


Bee Line is the best hemp wick out. I love how you have the thick version and big spools available. Thanks 
- Devin B.


Hello, just wanted to give some feedback. You guys are awesome, we love your product. We tell all of our friends and we hand out the single packs (now that we have a spool) to everyone too! Keep being awesome.
- Casey


Hey thanks for the personal note and great product last time I ordered. I am now a customer and advocate for life.
- Vince A.

I would just like to say thank you for such a speedy delivery, such an amazing organic product. Very satisfied 10/10! Aloha from Pennsylvania! :)
— Alan & Dorthy S.

Thank you very much for your honesty.  Internet buyers highly depend on honest, accurate descriptions, thank you for your friendly and prompt customer service. I could not be happier with this online shopping experience, thank you very much.
- Russell CW


Thanks for the quick shipping, I'll be buying from you guys again. Good job making this stuff too it’s got a better taste to it than other wick out there 
- Dylan F 


Great wick and great service! Came in less than a week. =) definitely going to tell my friends about your site... Have a great day, Take care!
- Michael V.


I'm not sure who sent out my order but they put in 6 packs instead of 5 and drew a small smilie face on the invoice. Best service I've ever recieved from an online purchase. I will recommend your product to everyone I know. Thank you all so much.
- Brian