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Bee Line is the world’s first and finest Hemp Wick made from 100% Certified Organic Hemp in Eastern Europe.  We have pioneered an industry that prides itself on finding a more natural way to smoke and we guarantee that you will love the way Bee Line Hemp Wick smells, tastes and performs!  Crafted from 100% organic products, we have the only Certified Global Organic approved Hemp Wick in the world!


Bee Line Hemp Wick


BEE LINE HEMP WICK is the world’s first and finest hemp wick company, and originators of the term Hemp Wick.

Our wick comes in two sizes; Original Gauge 7-strand and THICK Gauge 13-strand. And two lengths; 9 ft. packs and 200 ft spools.

BEE LINE is human and earth friendly. It is a natural, organic, multi-purpose product made by combining two ancient renewable resources: hemp and bees wax.

Mainly used as an alternative flame source to butane, BEE LINE is also used for: firestarter, camping, lightning gas/wood stoves and fireplaces, candles, and in gardens, among many order uses. A great compact item for your survival gear.

Our Hemp Wick burns at a lower temperature than butane, so the flavor profiles of your smoke are more prominent & enjoyable… Bee Line lets the user explore flavor profiles that would have otherwise been lost with higher temperature flame sources.


  • is easy to ignite.

  • is unbleached, unrefined and chemical free.

  • doesn’t lighter-burn your hand.

  • is compact, lightweight and waterproof.

  • is easy to store, transport/carry

  • acts as a long stem matchstick keeping hand away from fire.

  • use extends the life of lighters.

  • works great as a candle wick.

  • is non-toxic and burns clean in small enclosed spaces.

  • thick wick is more wind resistant.

  • attracts bees when used in gardens.

Ofter compared to duct tape for it’s usefulness, Bee Line is a simple product in this ever increasing complex world. Don’t leave home without it. Thank you for supporting natural products!